a walk in the dark songs

A Walk in the Dark

Artist Writes and Records in Haunted Houses 👆 Watch Free 👆 A Walk in the Dark NASHVILLE, Tenn. – A Walk in the Dark is a new documentary that follows … Continue reading A Walk in the Dark

Savannah Ghost Tours

Savannah Georgia is my Disney World. If my spouse wants to surprise me….she gets me tickets to Savannah’s Ghost Tours. 🙂 The architecture, cobblestone streets and Spanish moss hanging from … Continue reading Savannah Ghost Tours

Haunted Houses around Nashville

Nashville Haunted Houses 2023

These are Haunted Houses around Nashville, TN that are open to the public around Halloween. These are Haunted House Attractions and not actual “go bump in the night” haunted houses … Continue reading Nashville Haunted Houses 2023

Ghost in Franklin

Real Haunted Houses in Tennessee

These real Haunted Houses in Tennessee are said to be a result of battles that occured during the Civil War. One of the most notorious battles took place in the … Continue reading Real Haunted Houses in Tennessee