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Noe Solange – Stream Free

London based singer, producer, and multi instrumentalist Noe Solange not only has a memorable name, but makes a living releasing memorable songs. Noe draws musical inspiration from her Dutch-Indonesian heritage … Continue reading Noe Solange – Stream Free

Free Country Music Playlist Submission

Submit your music to our Country Music Playlists Free _______________________________ Indie Music Marketing Free Spotify Country Music PlayFree Spotify Playlist Country Music Submission. Country Playlist Curators accepting music submissions. Cruisin … Continue reading Free Country Music Playlist Submission

YouTube Playlist Submission

We are now accepting submissions for Live Videos to release and promote you on our YouTube Channel and Website. The more simple the video, the better! Even if it’s just … Continue reading YouTube Playlist Submission

Indie Marketing

I’ve always been a fan of good guerrilla, grassroots, indie marketing. As we all know being talented isn’t always enough. There have been plenty of ridiculously talented bands that have … Continue reading Indie Marketing