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Sadie Sink

This is how dumb I am…I was watching the interview below with Sadie Sink and my first response was…..why is she speaking with an American accent? Do you know why … Continue reading Sadie Sink

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A Walk in the Dark

Producer Writes and Records in Haunted Houses 👆 Watch Free 👆 A Walk in the Dark NASHVILLE, Tenn. – A Walk in the Dark is a new documentary that follows … Continue reading A Walk in the Dark

Best Acoustic Music Playlist

Submit to our Acoustic Playlists Free on our Acoustic Playlist page. Female Rockstars Brooke Colucci Larissa Liveir Таня Да New Indie Trucker Hats Now Available! Enjoy listening to our Best … Continue reading Best Acoustic Music Playlist

Horror Movies Based on True Events

Horror movies based on true events have a way of peaking the public’s curiosity. However gruesome the story, people want to understand how events unfold. And Then It Goes Dark … Continue reading Horror Movies Based on True Events