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A Walk in the Dark

Producer Writes and Records in Haunted Houses 👆 Watch Free 👆 A Walk in the Dark NASHVILLE, Tenn. – A Walk in the Dark is a new documentary that follows … Continue reading A Walk in the Dark

Horror Movies Based on True Events

Horror movies based on true events have a way of peaking the public’s curiosity. However gruesome the story, people want to understand how events unfold. And Then It Goes Dark … Continue reading Horror Movies Based on True Events

Indie Marketing

I’ve always been a fan of good guerrilla, grassroots, indie marketing. As we all know being talented isn’t always enough. There have been plenty of ridiculously talented bands that have … Continue reading Indie Marketing

Savannah Ghost Tours

Savannah Georgia is my Disney World. If my spouse wants to surprise me….she gets me tickets to Savannah’s Ghost Tours. 🙂 The architecture, cobblestone streets and Spanish moss hanging from … Continue reading Savannah Ghost Tours