Real Haunted Houses in Tennessee

These real Haunted Houses in Tennessee are said to be a result of battles that occured during the Civil War. One of the most notorious battles took place in the sleepy town of Franklin, TN on November 30, 1864. This 4 hour battle would see over 10,000 casualties and reshape the history of Franklin.

Cherry Manor

Cherry Manor was one of the houses that was used as a hospital after the Battle of Franklin. The house is right in the heart of Downtown Franklin and is one of the most famous spots for all the ghost tours.

The owner of Cherry Manor took us on a private tour one night and we could not believe everything we caught on camera.

real ghost video

The image below was given to me by the owner of Cherry Manor in Downtown Franklin. This was taken by someone on the Franklin Ghost Tour given by Franklin on Foot.

Cherry Manor Haunted




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The Carter House

The Carter House is said to be ground zero of the Battle of Franklin. All occupants of the home and some neighbors were huddled in the basement waiting for the battle to be over.

The Carter House is owned by The Battle of Franklin Trust which also runs Carnton Plantation and Rippavilla.

the carter house

When I took this picture I lived down the street from the Carter House so I walked there late one night in December, which is why the red bow is on the railing in the photo. This was taken while I was in the back of the house facing Tod Carter’s bedroom. Todd was the Carter’s son that fought in the Battle of Franklin. He was shot in the head only a couple hundred yards from his home but was still alive when his family found him. They brought him back home and he passed away in his childhood room on December 2, 1864. I did not notice the image in the window until I got home and started looking through all the pictures. Look for the whites of the eyes. To me it looks like a transparent cat looking out a window and for lack of better explanation….ET (lol) behind the cat looking right at me. It might be worth noting that nobody lives in the house and the house does not occupy any transparent animals or aliens.

Shuff’s Music

During the time of the Battle of Franklin Shuff’s music was a residence which was also used as a hospital after the battle. One of the best ghost stories attached to Shuff’s is the time someone walked into one of the rooms upstairs and there was a lady in a rocking chair looking out the window.

I took this picture from the front door of Stuff’s during Christmas time which is why there are Christmas lights on the banister.

Original Photo
Zoomed In

The first image I see is of a guy that looks like he has a beard and some sort of hat on. The distinct features are the eyes and nose. The funny part of this picture is that the face was actually discovered by a friend of mine that did not believe in the paranormal. I have other friends that say that the “beard” looks like a face looking to the right.

The Mosely House

The Mosely House is directly across the street from Shuff’s Music and the back of the Mosely house neighbors a large parking lot. I was in the parking lot late one night and decided to walk around and take some pictures. Miss Mosely owned this house and lived in it with her sister a long time ago. The stories are that she smoked cigars and you can smell the phantom smell of a cigar while walking around the house. When I took this picture there was no smoke and it was not cold outside so the heater was not on therefore there would be no smoke from a heater. About a third of the way down from the top I see a face of a lady looking to the left. Other people tell me they think the shoulder of what I SEE looks like the nose of a larger face.

Carnton Plantation

carnton plantation

I have been to the Carnton Plantation countless times. Mostly at night when the cops would circle around the old driveway and yell out….”Austin….is that you again?” Carnton is very haunting in the middle of the night. I don’t know if it’s because the house is intimidating due to it’s incredible size, the location being just outside Franklin surrounded by acres of fields, or the fact that its the resting place for almost 1,500 Civil War soldiers. 780 have been identified and 558 are still unknown.

I wrote the forward for the book entitled “Carnton Planation Ghost Stories” which is packed with stories about the Carnton Plantation Hauntings. It’s available on Amazon if you’d like to give it a read.

carnton plantation ghost stories

Elm Springs

I shot a documentary at this location which actually turned into a real ghost story. It was pretty nuts. You can watch it free on YouTube, it’s called And Then It Goes Dark. The trailer is below:

Lotz House

During the battle of Franklin the Lotz went across the street to the Carter House to seek shelter in the basement. The Carter House was built with brick and the Lotz had a wood frame house so they were warned prior to the battle they could get struck by a stray bullet from inside their house.

Lotz House

I hope you enjoyed these ghost stories and pictures of the paranormal! 🙂

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Real Haunted Houses in Tennessee

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Real Haunted Houses in Tennessee

Real Haunted Houses in TN

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