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Get a Discount on Distrokid! We have used a couple different streaming platform distribution companies, which is a company that will upload your music to Spotify. Distrokid is by far the best… and most affordable. Some companies will charge you per song but Distrokid only charges $20 a year per artist with unlimited songs. If you use this link you will get a discount on Distrokid – Distrokid.

Is your Music on Spotify?

Free Spotify Playlist Submission 2023

Virmedius owns the Spotify Playlists and YouTube Music Playlists you are submitting your music to so we have simplified your submission process. We are focusing on growing our YouTube Channel so instead of charging a fee like other sites do, all we ask is that you subscribe to our YouTube Channel. πŸ™‚

Spotify Playlists and YouTube Music Playlists can be valuable tool for indie artists. They can provide exposure to a large and engaged audience. Being featured on a popular playlist can help an independent artist reach new listeners, grow their following, and potentially lead to new opportunities. Playlists also have the ability to shape listener taste and drive music discovery, making them a valuable platform for artists looking to build their careers. Additionally, appearing on playlists can also lead to increased streams and royalties if your channel / profile is monetized. This can have a significant impact on an artist’s income. We have made it easy and free to connect artists to playlist curators.

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To submit your music please click the red YouTube button to subscribe to our YouTube Channel, then fill out the info below and we will be in touch we add your song to our playlists.

What is the biggest struggle of an indie artist?

We asked this question to multiple labels and artist management companies. It seems one of the biggest hurdles is getting artists on playlists. They said that we should try to figure out a way to get their artists on curators playlists. After thinking about it, we did not like the idea of being at the mercy of another curators opinion, so we decided to focus on growing our Spotify Playlists and YouTube Music Playlist. We have spent a lot of time growing these playlists to help independent artists. Thank you for submitting your music!

Free Spotify Playlist Submission and YouTube Music Playlist submission.

Free Playlist Submission

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