Kristina Rybalchenko – Kriss Drummer

Kristina Rybalchenko

Kristina Rybalchenko, or Kriss Drummer as some of you know her 🙂 , began playing the drums when she was only 14 years old. 11 Years Later she has accumulated more than 2,100,000 followers by uploading videos of herself playing drums to her Youtube Channel, Instagram and TikTok accounts. It’s sort of ironic, although Kristina doesn’t have a band of her own, she has a bigger following than the drummers of the bands she is covering! I guess that’s the power of social media! 🙂

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Kristina Rybalchenko – Kriss Drummer

Is Kristina Rybalchenko in a band? Who is Kristina Rybalchenko. Where is Kristina Rybalchenko from? Who is Kriss Drummer?

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