Brooke Colucci

Tasteful fills, dynamic rolls, and a crisp rim shot…no I’m not describing my favorite Nashville bakery. I’m talking about the crazy talented drummer Brooke Colucci. The female drummer rock goddess got her first taste of the rock star life when she attended a rock themed birthday party. A band brought instruments to the party to let the kiddos fool around. Even though Brooke C was only 6 years old at the time, she wasn’t fooling around….she was getting a glimpse into her future. She was HOOKED, and one month later, RockAngel_ got her first drum set for Christmas.

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Brooke Colucci was born and raised in New York. Some of her favorite bands include Tool, Sevendust, Blondie, and Godsmack. And when she is not playing she loves being outside, snowboarding, hiking, going to the beach and cooking.

Brooke Colucci – RockAngel_ – Brooke C Drummer

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