Ideas for Indies

How to get Sponsors

Sponsorships and endorsements are a great way for brands to gain visibility and reach their target audience. It can also be a great way for influencers and celebrities to monetize … Continue reading How to get Sponsors

submit to playlist free

Free Playlist Submission

Submit your music to Spotify playlists Fast and Free with our Free Playlist Submission! The Free Playlist Submission allows you to submit to Spotify Playlists and YouTube Music Playlists in … Continue reading Free Playlist Submission

Indie Marketing

I’ve always been a fan of good guerrilla, grassroots, indie marketing. As we all know being talented isn’t always enough. There have been plenty of ridiculously talented bands that have … Continue reading Indie Marketing

Indie Music Marketing

Indie musicians must be proactive in developing their marketing strategy if they want to succeed in the ever-evolving music industry. Indie music marketing is an important part of the music … Continue reading Indie Music Marketing