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You’ve spent time and money producing your music. The release date comes …and it doesn’t get the amount of listens you anticipated! Don’t worry, 🙂 most of the time content that goes viral is a freak accident. It has nothing to do with your talent! The best way to see real results is to continue to be proactive in working on your music, even after your release date. Instead of writing and recording, now you are promoting your music.

Virmedius will:

  • Promote your single on YouTube
  • Add your single to our YouTube Playlists
  • Add you to our Artists page
  • Promote your single on Spotify
  • Write about you on
  • Post about you on Social Media

If you are an independent artist or band looking for some good organic growth, we would love to help. Although we have a good amount of Playlists, we’ve also found some great tactics through YouTube Music that are really helping our artists. So we’ve decided to help other indie artists too. We do not use software and we do NOT need your login information. All we need is the YouTube Link of the video you’re wanting to promote. These are real likes, views, and comments.

Your YouTube video does not have to be a professionally produced music video. Actually, the best results we have seen came from a video that was just a picture of the artist with the audio of the song.

If you are interested, please fill out the form below and a Virmedius team member will follow up if we feel you would benefit from our indie music promotion.

During the indie music promotion we will also –

  • Repost some of your Instagram posts to our owned Instagram Accounts – Virmedius, Artist Development Network, Country Music Awards (if applicable), Virmedius Records
  • Retweet some of your tweets to our owned Twitter Accounts – Virmedius, Who Knew Media, Back 21
  • Post an Artist Page for you on


Although we have artists that have been with us for years, most artists want to know about quick results. Here are some results after working with an artist for a couple of months. We worked out a deal where this artist only paid $2 (USD) a day for ad space and they still saw great organic results.

Before adding Young Water to our YouTube Playlists and marketing the song/video it had 580 views. After only a few months of working with Virmedius they gained 3,545 views. (Note: The date May 20, 2020 is the same in both images because that is the date the artist posted the video)

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Before adding Young Water to our Spotify Playlists it had less than 1,000 plays and after working with Virmedius they had 3,016 plays.

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Indie Music Marketing

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We look forward to hearing from you!

Indie musicians must be proactive in developing their marketing strategy if they want to succeed in the ever-evolving music industry. Indie music marketing is an important part of the music industry and one that requires a unique approach. From creating engaging content to leveraging social media and online platforms, indie musicians need to think outside of the box when it comes to marketing their music. They also need to be aware of trends and current events that could affect their marketing strategies. With a combination of innovative approaches, indie musicians can use marketing tactics such as targeted ads, influencer campaigns, and strategic collaborations to reach their target audiences.

When asking an artist if they prefer YouTube Music or Spotify, the answer is almost always Spotify. Which makes sense as Spotify pays a little bit more. But we’ve found YouTube to be an invaluable tool for emerging artists since YouTube’s whole model is based around discovering other people’s content. So if you are marketing your YouTube videos correctly, you will receive a lot more traffic. But you will also receive organic traffic from YouTube recommending your videos to other viewers.


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