How To Get Your Music on Spotify

You might be wondering how to get your music on Spotify. We have used a couple different streaming platform distribution companies, which is a company that will upload your music to Spotify. Distrokid is by far the Best Music Distribution for Independent Artists… and most affordable. Some companies will charge you to upload per song, but Distrokid only charges a low flat fee per year per artist with unlimited song uploads. Use this link and you will receive a discount with Distrokid – Distrokid.

Distrokid not only uploads your music to Spotify, but other stream music platforms as well. When you upload your music you will be able to pick and choose which music platforms your songs will be added to.

One piece of advice I will give to you, is not to allow Distrokid to upload your songs to YouTube. When Distrokid uploads your song to YouTube your song will not be added to your own channel. It will be on a “Topic” channel, which does not look very professional. You are much better off just uploading the song to your own YouTube channel yourself…which is Free! And looks a lot cleaner from a music marketing perspective 🙂

how to get your music on spotify
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After your music is uploaded to Spotify, make sure you come back and submit your songs to our playlists for free on our Free Playlist Submission page!


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How To Get Your Music on Spotify

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