York Audio Impulse Responses

When searching for the best guitar tone it’s important to skip the mess and work with the best. York Audio Impulse Responses were created by seasoned live performer and studio guitarist Justin York. Some of the household names Justin has shared the stage with are Katy Perry and Paramore. You might be thinking, “well if Justin is seasoned….is he relevant?” Relevant is a nice way to say Old. No no, he is still a young buck…Justin is only seasoned because he began playing for Grammy Award Winning artists before he even had his drivers license. I even remember people in Nashville talking about wanting the “Justin York Guitar Tone.” Justin’s work ethic is the reason York Audio is able to deliver Premium Impulse Responses.

York Audio Impulse Responses
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What is an Impulse Response

An impulse response (or IR) is a sonic measurement of the sound of a speaker, room or microphone in relation to a sound source. In guitar terms, this is usually your amp.

After your guitar itself and the dialed-in tone of your amp, there’s a lot more that can affect your sound. The speaker type, the space you’re in, the microphone you’re using, the microphone’s preamp or position – the list goes on.

The idea of an impulse response is to capture all of that information in one go, so you can instantly recall that setting. This means that wherever you are, you can retain your preferred tone, right down to the detail of your favorite mic placement and room sound. On stage, in the studio, jamming with friends – sorted. [Andertons Music Co.]

About York Audio

York Audio was established in 2017 with a single quest… to create tools that would bring inspiration to musicians living in the digital age. 

Justin York has had nearly 20 years of experience in the music industry as a studio and stage guitarist for multiple Grammy Award winning and Platinum selling artists.  He also writes, composes, and produces music for TV and film.  All of this experience results in what makes York Audio stand out above the rest… an ear for artistry and musicality. 

He has successfully fused his passion for music, love for audio engineering, and his ability to accurately capture the essence of great guitar tones into something tangible allowing players and producers to take the dream tones they hear in their heads and put it in their hands.


Justin York Playing with Paramore


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York Audio Impulse Responses

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