Virmedius Records

virmedius records

Virmedius Records is an independent record label in Nashville TN.

Streaming platforms have empowered the indie artist. Many industries have been forced to restructure their business model due to technology, the music industry is no exception. Some see this as a hurdle, but we see this as an exciting restructuring! Before Spotify, YouTube and other streaming platforms, Artists relied on family, friends and fans to buy their music for a 1 time fee (most recently a CD). NOW an artist has the ability to receive residual payments every time someone listens to their song on a streaming platform like Spotify or YouTube. So whether an artist is known or unknown / signed or unsigned, they now have the ability to make money from having their song played, just like major artists on the radio. Albeit radio royalties pay more per play than Spotify and YouTube royalties, but that is to be expected. And keep in mind, in a traditional record contract major labels pay a good amount of money for the recording and marketing. This budget has to be recouped by the label before the artist begins receiving their royalties. So some indie artists are seeing this restructuring as a great deal. They pay less for their recording, own their masters, and receive payment from streaming platforms immediately.

The roll of Virmedius Records is simple, market the talent of our indie artist partners. Our artists retain their music, rights, make 100% from their merch, shows, and every other income producing source.

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