Virginia City Nevada Ghosts

Heather Taddy (Paranormal State/Portals to Hell) and Austin Cook (Killer Contact) sit down to discuss their time shooting in Virginia City, Nevada. The pilot entitled Ghost Gold was shot for TBS by executive producers Nick Groff (Ghost Adventures/Paranormal Lockdown) and Bray Entertainment.

Virginia City became a popular mining destination in the mid 1800’s as miners from around the US caught word of the rich silver that was being discovered.

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While in Virginia City we visited the Julia Bulette Red Light Museum, the Silver Terrace Cemetery, and we investigated at the Washoe Club. Heather recounts her paranormal investigation with Mark and Debby Constantino. Ghost Gold was such a fun concept for a paranormal show, the show was a blend between Ghost Hunters and The Curse of Oak Island. As the story goes, Julia Bulette was very wealthy at the time of her death but her jewels and wealth were never found. Her murderer was found and hunge, but her jewels remain missing. It’s possible that her killer hid her jewels outside town after murdering Julia so that he did not turn into a suspect if they were found at his house. With all the paranormal activity running amok in Virginia City, is it possible to obtain a clue about of the jewels whereabouts from residual or intelligent hauntings? The worst recount of Henry Comstock discovering the Comstock Load.

Virginia City Nevada is said to be one of the most haunted places in the USA. The appearance of the city is frozen in the era of the wild west. Which is one of the reasons some say the ghosts of Virginia City do not even realize they are dead.

The Washoe Club

The Old Washoe Club is a three-story brick structure in Virginia City, Nevada, USA, located in the Virginia City Historic District. In the salad days of Nevada’s Comstock Lode a great social institution was spawned by mining magnates, artists and men of letters who sought to hobnob in luxury. The Washoe Club gained a reputation throughout the Pacific Coast for luxurious accommodations, and at one time it was a household term. [read more]

Pipers Opera House

Built in the 1880s, Piper’s Opera House attracted famous stars from Europe and the United States and is listed by the League of Historic Theaters. One of the most significant vintage theaters on the West Coast, this stage once welcomed President Grant, Buffalo Bill, Al Jolson and Mark Twain…[read more]

Virginia City Nevada Ghosts

Did you know that author Mark Twain got his start as a writer in Virginia City.


Artists Write in Haunted Houses

Virginia City Nevada Ghosts.

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