Uproar Pictures

The Uproar Pictures mission is to produce great stories as budget-conscious features and TV projects, with each concept developed to include built-in potential to launch an entertainment brand.

Uproar Pictures is a media production company and the mutual brain child of Writer-Director, Bob Giordano, and Executive Producer, Tom Steinmann. Bob and Tom have been continual creative collaborators on scripts and short films for many years.

The Odds” feature includes a game of death with an international syndicate making odds for online betting, the game concept carries forward in “The Odds 2: End Game”, where a larger internet audience gambles on many contestants, conniving against each other in the game of death.

Uproar Pictures

Also in development is a fight movie titled, “Beat Down”. This action-comedy with few actors leads to subsequent fight movies of larger scope, including “Man Up” (finished script).

In development now is a supernatural horror titled, Gates of Flesh.

Find out about the Real Paranormal Activity that took place at a haunted house in Columbia, TN. – https://virmedius.com/2020/10/27/true-paranormal-movie/