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Tyler Jarvis stakes his claim in the evolving world of music, bringing individuality and passion to the pop genre. Influenced by lucid legends like Don Henley and Queen to modern troubadours like John Mayer and Ben Rector to current-day poets like LANY and Lauv, Tyler explores the crucial differences of classic sounds and current tones. Tyler brings them together to create a unique brand of pop: one that is passionate and genuine, but modern and relevant. Tyler pairs the relevance of today’s pop with captivating lyrics, capturing authenticity and truth in a modern expression.

The reverberating sound of guitar captivated Tyler at 13 years old when his dad gifted him one for Christmas. He took guitar lessons with his dad and brother, and he hasn’t looked back since.“It was as if I had found the thing that made me come alive for the first time,” said Tyler when asked about his early experiences with music.

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Originally from Cincinnati, OH, Tyler recognizes the purpose of the past but the pursuit of the future, which he continues to navigate through music. Planted in Atlanta by way of the suburbs of Queen City, Tyler has staked his claim in and through Atlanta but never stays pinned down for long. He is a touring artist, spending most of his time playing the southeast, but makes it a priority to play hometown shows in Cincinnati and visit new cities.

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Tyler Jarvis

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