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We are looking for artists that would like to be on The Haunted Tapes. This is a fun, easy, and free way for us to promote indie artists.

Option 1: Film yourself with your phone playing one of your acoustic songs in an old building, house, or cemetery and we will release the video on the Virmedius Records YouTube, Website, Instagram, Twitter, etc. When arriving you can also give some behind the scenes info about the location and we will edit that footage with your song and release on the Virmedius YouTube, instagram etc.

Option 2: Stay longer and actually write at the location. πŸ™‚ You do not need to complete the song while you’re there.

NOTE: You will need permission from the owner if it is private property.

  • Virmedius will add your song to our Spotify Playlists
music in haunted houses
  • Virmedius will release your song on our YouTube Music Channel
  • Virmedius will edit the video to release and promote on our YouTube Channel

If you are interested in being on The Haunted Tapes, please fill out the form below.

More info about Option 2

Artists write in Haunted Houses seeking inspiration for their next song.

Each video of “The Haunted Tapes” features a new artist at a different location. Last year we filmed producers staying at haunted houses to work on their next project, and it was a big hit. (teaser below) This year we would like singer songwriters to be at the haunted houses so that we can showcase their talent during their episode. This is all free marketing for you because you or a friend of yours will film, and Virmedius will edit all the footage.

We’ve worked out some ways to make this process more fun and natural for the artist but also simplify the production process in order to offer this free opportunity to more artists.

Question: What’s the most profitable film in history based on return on investment? Answer: Paranormal Activity

Apparently you don’t need a big budget to keep an audience’s attention with scary content. Therefore you will film with your phone to give it a Documentary / Found Footage feel. This eliminates most of our production costs. You will film at a haunted location near you, no travel costs πŸ™‚ You can either go alone and film yourself or you can have a friend film you. You’ll set up and film yourself during your songwriting process. We will give you notes on everything you need to film. The shots are very simple. We will provide you with instructions to upload the footage to a Google Drive while filming and Virmedius will edit all the footage…. this eliminates the rest of our production costs πŸ™‚

We will release the video on our YouTube channel. The more we promote the video, the more we are promoting you! We will also add your song to the Virmedius Spotify Playlists πŸ™‚ Some artists are even recording an acoustic version of their song at the location, then releasing the song on Spotify. So they are getting the marketing and a song for free!

the haunted tapes
  • The location does not need to be a “known” Haunted House. Maybe you know of an old house, cemetery, abandoned building, a friend or a relative’s house that is said to be haunted. NOTE: You will need the owners permission to enter and film at the location if it’s private property.
  • Artists do not need to complete the song at the haunted house. Some artists are simply walking in, playing their song twice and leaving, as long as you act freaked out, like you can’t stay any longer because you heard or saw something that scared you, then that is perfect πŸ™‚ That is very entertaining for an audience and in that short amount of time the audience now knows who you are and has heard your music.
  • Filming with an iphone is Perfect! Don’t overthink it… think of this as a behind the scenes documentary about you…then hopefully something spooky happens! πŸ‘»

Why The Haunted Tapes?

Years ago I was on a paranormal show on the Syfy Network called Killer Contact. I’ve always been interested in the paranormal, and I grew up in music. So I was wondering if there was a way to blend the 2 popular subjects. I didn’t think it was too crazy of an idea, after all, every movie and tv show has music. I also liked the idea of having people be at the haunted location for some reason other than to “investigating the paranormal.” I personally don’t think it’s very interesting to watch a person in a dark room trying to communicate with spirits by talking to themselves. But 20 Years of paranormal programming tends to disagree with me, so what do I know?!

I first came up with this idea after accidentally filming And Then It Goes Dark. I guess you could call this the “real paranormal activity” because we caught unbelievable activity while we were at a historic home rehearsing for a movie. Everything is authentic, even the 911 call. I spoke to several people at Blumhouse and some of them actually liked the idea. Sure…nothing came of it, but that was the encouragement that got me thinking. The thing I loved most about this project was that we were at the house for something other than the paranormal…then the dynamic shifted as soon as the activity began.

So this began my long line of rejections from networks. I then came up with the idea where horror movie producers stay at haunted houses seeking inspiration for their next horror project. I called this The Haunted. Everyone turned it down, so I shot it on my own. Now I have a similar idea where singer songwriters go to haunted houses seeking inspiration to write their next song.

Even the videos I shoot myself get some great traffic all year round. So I think this is a fun idea to help promote singer songwriters. And unlike spotify playlists, your song will not be removed…this video will stay up for people to find.

One of my favorite success stories began with failure. There was a British entrepreneur that did not know a lot about the music business yet he believed in an artist so much that he pitched him to several record labels. All the labels rejected the artist, so the British entrepreneur said screw it…I’ll start my own record label. And that was the beginning of Virgin Records. Interestingly enough, Virgin Records made their first million dollars from this artist after their release of Tubular Bells, which is the theme song for The Exorcist.

If you would like to find out why we come up with free marketing ideas for indies, check out our post πŸ™‚ –

The Haunted Tapes.