The Happy Place

The Happy Place – In the summer of 1969, a free-wheeling hippie, on his way to the now legendary Woodstock music festival, meets a talented artist and agrees to sit for a portrait; but before the paint is dry, he falls victim to the artist’s jealous husband who murders him – leaving his soul trapped inside the portrait. One fascinating aspect of this book is that the setting, characters, and key events that take place in the story are all true. The author explains in the preface that parts of the story are true. Then in the epilogue he gives the information about which parts of the story are factual. I was shocked!

The Happy Place

“Writer Barry Cook weaves memories from his teenage years living in his family’s old farmhouse into a fictional tale filled with grace and humor that will encourage the reader to face the ‘afterlife’ without fear.”

– David Birdwell

“Have you heard of the Audio Play baste on the Happy Place Novella? It’s a movie for your mind!”

– Shorty Summerlin

The Happy Place – Full Audio Plan Now Available FREE

The book is currently available to purchase on Amazon.

The Happy Place book

The Happy Place Trailer

The Happy Place is a book and audio play created by, written, and directed by Barry Cook.

Barry Cook

Barry Cook is an American film director who has worked in the animated film industry since the 1980s. Cook and Tony Bancroft directed Mulan, for which they won the 1998 Annie Award for Best Animated Feature. Cook was also the co-director for Arthur Christmas, directed by Sarah Smith.

Cast –

Chris Anderson

Haven Nutt

Austin Cook

Robin Daughtery

Barry Cook

Richard Cook

Rebecca Lines

The Happy Place


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