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Is it important for indie films to get on movie blogs?

Indie films often have limited marketing budgets and distribution channels, which can make it challenging for them to reach a wide audience. Therefore movie blogs can be a valuable tool for indie filmmakers to promote their work and attract attention from potential viewers.

Movie blogs often have a dedicated readership of film enthusiasts who are actively seeking out new and interesting films to watch. By getting featured on a prominent movie blog, indie filmmakers can leverage the blog’s readership to generate buzz and interest in their film.

Additionally, movie blogs often have a strong presence on social media, which can further amplify the reach of an indie film’s promotion. A positive review or feature on a popular movie blog can also help to build credibility and legitimacy for the film, which can be especially important for emerging filmmakers who are trying to establish themselves in the industry.

Overall, getting on movie blogs can help indie films to overcome some of the challenges associated with limited marketing budgets and distribution channels, and ultimately reach a wider audience.

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