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Music Blogs are a valuable resource for indie musicians. Having your articles and website links on reputable websites is a great way to gain exposure and help your Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The more Google recognizes your articles and links, the more they know to recommend you for relevant search inquiries. We’ve made it easy for you to have your articles and press releases on It is FREE to Submit.

Increased visibility on Blogs

People create blogs in order to gain their own followers of readers. By submitting music to music blogs, artists can reach a larger audience that may not have otherwise been aware of their work. This can help them gain more fans and build a following.

Improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Music

Music blogs often rank highly in search engine results pages, so submitting music to them can help artists improve their SEO. This can make it easier for fans to find their music online.


Being featured on reputable music blogs can add credibility to an artist’s reputation and help them establish themselves as a serious musician.

Feedback and Criticism

Music blogs often have a community of fans and critics who can provide feedback and criticism on an artist’s work. This can help artists improve their craft and make better music.

Networking Opportunities

Submitting music to music blogs can help artists network with other musicians, music industry professionals, and potential collaborators.

In summary, submitting music to music blogs can help artists gain exposure, build their audience, improve their SEO, establish credibility, receive feedback and criticism, and network with others in the music industry.

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Submit to Music Blogs Free
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Submitting music to music blogs is a great way for indie bands to get some exposure. Virmedius is a Nashville based music company that loves helping indie artists get their name out.

Submit to Music Blogs Free

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