Stacy Thowe


Angels, Demons and Mortals is about a Guardian Angel , Michael, who increasingly despairs over the time spent away from one of his Assigned, Alexandria, a girl he watches over on earth. Michael follows Alexandria throughout her lifetime, coming to her only in times of trial. Michael then finds himself torn between his affections for Alexandria, as she grows into a woman, and his duty to the Heavenly army. When Cainan, a demon of the Underworld and a fallen angel who used to be one of Michael’s closest friends, discovers Michael’s weakness for the woman, he uses this information to try and draw Michael into the Underworld. Michael is then given a choice – stay in the Heavenly realm or become a mortal.


The saga continues… worlds are turned upside down when Michael, a leader in the Heavenly realm, signs his soul away to protect the mortal woman he loves. The Heavenly realm cries out in disbelief as they learn of Michael’s descension into the Underworld. Once there, Michael is quickly promoted to a leader. The Guardians then plan a rescue never before attempted – one that could lead to their demise – as they travel through the Gates of Hell, led by the one being who can bring Michael back. Evil inevitably permeates the Guardians’ souls, forcing them to make the ultimate decision of where their true allegiance lies.



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Stacy Thowe, Fantasy Author, At Hell’s Gates, Angels Demons and Mortals