Sophie Lloyd

sophie lloyd guitarist
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At the age of 10, Sophie Lloyd began playing guitar after hearing Led Zeppelin. Seventeen years later, she is on tour playing arena’s as the guitars for multi platinum artist Machine Gun Kelly.

What motivated Sophie at such a young age to practice? A lot of times, kids see professional athletes or Grammy award winners and think, “I’ll never be good enough…what’s the point in trying?” But for Sophie Lloyd, she said she had a lot of time on her hands to learn guitar because she was a bit of an outcast. Say what? In my neck of the woods she would have been the prom queen.

Even Megan Fox says Sophie is “Insanely Talented.” I guess the practice is paying off! 🙂

sophie lloyd
instagram / sophieguitar_

Sophie teaches guitar and has her guitar lessons available for purchase on her website. –

Sophie Lloyd

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