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sofie rovenstine
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Years ago I remember Sofie Rovenstine taking off at the age of 18. Don’t worry, she didn’t run away. 🙂 She was leaving her home in Franklin, TN to model with her new agency in New York City. She had grown up modeling but this was her time to really spread her wings.

Modeling isn’t just about being “attractive.” A unique look always helps, but the magic is seen when the flashes start to fly. Sofie has always stood out because she’s tall and attractive…but holy cow, she is unbelievable on camera. And that is something that is hard to teach.

I think it was about a year after she was in New York that her agency said something along the lines of “You’re too big.” I assume they meant tall. But I had an agency in NYC tell me I was too fat when I was 175, and I’m a 6’0 tall male.

Believe it or not, after Sofie left NYC she had such an incredible attitude. She kept her chin high, never complained, and more importantly, she did not try to change herself because of someone else’s opinion.

She might not have had “the look” for her NYC agency, but because she stayed true to herself, this little lingerie company called Victoria’s Secret picked her up and she walked in their televised “Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show” in 2018.

Had she taken other people’s opinions to heart and starved herself, hurt herself, or quit…she might not have gotten the opportunity that blossomed into working with major brands such as COVERGIRL, Victoria’s Secret, Michael Kors, and so many others I could fill another website page.

sofie rovenstine model
instagram / sofie_rovenstine

Not everyone is going to love your look, or your movie, or your music. But those people are also not the reason you are modeling, acting, or playing music. 🙂

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Sofie Rovenstine

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