Should I make a music video for YouTube?

Should I make a music video for YouTube? Not necessarily! We have promoted countless videos on YouTube for musicians. Some are big budget fully produced music videos, and some are just a still photo with the song. One video costs money to make, and the other video was free to make. But both both serve the same purpose…getting your music out there!

It seems like most people that listen to music on YouTube are doing so while engaged in other activities. We actually see similar results in both videos…in fact one video that went borderline viral… was just a picture, not a produced video. SO if you are worried about not having enough money to put together a good music video for your song…do not worry about it! Find a good picture that represents you, the song, or the visual vibe of your song and post it on your YouTube channel! This is a great free marketing option for your music.

Posting your music video on your YouTube Channel looks more professional, promotes your music, AND your channel. Plus…and this is a BIG PLUS, you do not have to worry about it getting deleted when you stop paying for distribution. The Topic videos your distribution company posts on YouTube are posted under a completely different YouTube Channel, which means you are marketing a channel that isn’t even your channel. So make sure you post tour music on your YouTube Channel. 🙂

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Should I make a music video

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