Savanah Moss

Unless you’ve been living on another planet, you already know about Savanah Moss. Actually, even if you do live on another planet, you’ve probably heard of her too… because her videos are out of this world. Dad joke. No…but really, they are incredible.

Savanah Moss or as some of you know her SavanahMosss, posts short videos on social media that will make your brain hurt, in a good way. It’s sort of like watching your favorite horror movie in 20 seconds. Each video starts with a plot, she plays every character, it’s fast moving, diverts your attention with the camera angle and edit, and there will even be a twist that will leave you saying….”wait, what the….how’d she do that?” Her creativity is on another level, which has propelled her fame even beyond that level. The locations, costumes, editing, special effects, and stunts, rival a Hollywood production. In fact, and I am being 100% serious…I’m writing about her today because I had a dream last night that she was on a late night talk show and the host…I don’t know who it was, tried to replicate one of her videos and it was terrible. I remember in my dream saying, “the camera is too still.” That is how talented Savanah Moss is, I can’t even replicate her videos in my dreams.

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Savanah Moss – SavanahMosss

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