Santa Clara Polo Club


  • Changed Instagram link
  • Added Video to Home Page
  • Removed pixelated photos from Home Page
  • Created Blog Page & Tab
  • Came up with Blog Topics –

Topic Ideas:
– Tell me about the owners playing with the players. What exactly does that mean and when did that begin? What’s the history.
– When did Polo start?
– What was the biggest tournament Luis has played in, was he nervous?
– Has Luis ever taken a big fall and broken anything? (people love drama)
– Talk me through a game. What happens, whats the technical terms.
– What’s the story behind that Ralph Lauren polo model
– When and how did Polo become popular

Added Website to Google Search

Add Phone Number to Google Search

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  • Reformat Santa Clara Polo Club’s Facebook & Instagram Posts to post on Twitter
  • Reposted tweets about Santa Clara Polo Club from other Polo enthusiasts (There are a LOT! You guys are massive!!)
  • Retweet posts from our influencer accounts to gain more exposure
  • Updated website URL
  • Added BIO


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INSTAGRAM (+114 Followers)

I really focused on follower growth. I began by unfollowing some accounts that were not following you back.





  • Comb through posts and find people that have “liked” your posts that have not yet liked your page and invite them to like Santa Clara Polo Club’s Facebook Page.


  • Recommended use of YouTube & sent link on how to create a YouTube Channel. I wouldn’t have been able to do so since I don’t have access to your GMail account. (I feel like getting into someone’s GMail is way too personal!)