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This is how dumb I am…I was watching the interview below with Sadie Sink and my first response was…..why is she speaking with an American accent? Do you know why I thought this? Well… her character’s brother in Stranger Things is actually Australian, so in my dumb mind I assumed she was too. Then I found out Santa Claus was not real….Just kidding…he’s totally real. Anyway, Miss Sadie Sink was born in Brenham, Texas in 2002. When she was a mere 10 year old little nugget her mom put her and her older brother….not the Australian, in acting classes. One year later she was in the Broadway production of Annie. Yeah…I said One Year. While working on Broadway Sadie began booking tv and movie roles and in 2017 she was cast as Max Mayfield in the Netflix original series Stranger Things.

Fast forward to one of our other favorite series’s (pretty sure I butchered that punctuation but I’m gonna leave it in). In 2021, Sadie starred in another Netflix original “Fear Street” playing Ziggy. She’s been a legend for so long yet she’s still a wee lass! We can’t wait to see more from Miss Sink!

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