Record Label

Did you use DistroKid to release your music? If so we might be interested in marketing your music for a 50% royalty split of the song we promote. We will only receive the royalty on the 1 song we are promoting. In other words, we ONLY make money, if You make money. It’s FREE to set up and DistroKid will handle everything. We will:

  • Write about you on
  • Add you to the Virmedius Artist page
  • Promote your Single on Spotify
  • And More!
  • Add you to the Virmedius Spotlight on Reddit’s Music Self Promotion page
  • Add your single to our YouTube Playlists
  • Post about you on Social Media

If you are not familiar with the DistroKid Royalty Splits option scroll down below the contact form.

We would like to run this promotion until the end of the year in order to measure growth and see if we would like to continue. This is a trial project so we might end up spending more money than we make promoting you.

When you sign into your DistroKid account you’ll see a tab that says “Splits.” Click the tab and it should walk you through the process. 🙂

record label

Record Label