Quinn Ayers

Some people have natural God given talent…like Quinn Ayers. I’m not talking about artists that are classically trained to have a ridiculous range, hit notes with razor like precision, and know exactly how to utilize their immaculate vibrato at the tail end of a note. No no…I’m talking about the people that simply open their mouth and an intoxicating tone drips from their lips like the Holy wine at the Vatican. Sort of like Post Malone, Rayla, and Quinn Ayers. Most people believe natural talent can not be taught. After hearing artists like Quinn…I agree. Some artists are born with the “it” factor.

Little fun fact for ya, did you know that Quinn is a former D1 athlete? After his athletic career he chose to switch from setting records to making records. Dad joke! 🙂

Quinn continues to put out the hits so make sure you follow his socials!

Quinn Ayers

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