Pretti Emage

pretti emage
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She’s more than just a Pretty Image… Pretty Emage brings you the perfect blend of head bobbing hip hop and melodic R&B.

Pretti Emage is an American Female Rapper and actress operating out of Tampa, Florida. At the start of her career, Pretti Emage was once a duo formed by two sisters before the disbanding of the group in 2021. Since the beginning of her career as an independent artist in 2016, Pretti Emage began to break all barriers as a female rapper. Her creativity undoubtedly began a spark in the music industry like never before. From sing-along tunes to traditional Hip-Hop and to some of the most influential music ever, Pretti Emage created a consistently growing fan base which earned her the right as the self-proclaimed “Princess of Hip-Hop”.

Pretti Emage

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