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How do you get millions of streams and 440,000 monthly listeners on Spotify? Having Paulina Villarreal in the band is a real good start :). Raised in Monterrey, Mexico, Paulina instantly felt a sister like connection when she joined the band The Warning…or at least she should have…because they are sisters. The Warning gave no warning when the trio of sisters burst onto the music scene using multiple viral posts to create a snowball effect.

Paulina Villarreal only started playing drums in 2009. Which isn’t even the most impressive part…she was only 7! She began to play covers with her sisters and post them on YouTube. One of their videos went viral and they were invited to play on a little day time tv show you may have heard of, the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Paulina Villarreal
instagram / paulina.thewarning

After The Ellen Show the sister trio was invited to give a TEDx talk…twice. Then in 2017 The Warning had the chance to open for Def Leppard. Apparently that opened the rock music flood gates because they are now playing with more legendary bands than I even have time to mention. Every time I google their name they are sharing the stage with another massive band. Aerosmith, Alice Cooper, Godsmack, Godsmack the other cheek (I think that’s the Christian version of Godsmack), Muse, Three Days Grace, and the list goes on and on.

Paulina The Warning
facebook / thewarningrockband

Hard work and determination lays the ground work for success, and the music industry is no exception. (Side note, I just had to Google the spelling of “exception” because I first spelled it “acception.” Apparently I’m an optimist) I see a long future for the band The Warning. Not just because they are so talented and still young, but because…if they kicked a member out, that would make for some pretty awkward holidays.

Disclaimer: This article was written by a human being….not ChatGPT. 🙂

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Paulina Villarreal

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