Paranormal Podcasts

Paranormal Podcasts are a great way to hear people’s real life ghost stories and learn about the history of haunted locations. Here is a list of paranormal podcasts:

The Paranormal Podcast

The Paranormal Podcast features interviews with the best known names in the paranormal about UFOs, Ghosts, Bigfoot, and everything paranormal! Guests have included Josh Gates, Chip Coffey, George Noory, Whitley Strieber and the biggest names in the paranormal. This feed reflects the last 90 days of content. The Paranormal Podcast has been in production since 2005 with over 690 episodes. Hosted by Jim Harold. Also, check out Jim’s other free paranormal podcast Jim Harold’s Campfire.

What do you get …

…when two best friends, and horror movie fans, convince themselves that they would definitely be ‘the final girl’ at the end of the movie and never be the girl ‘running up the stairs when she should be running out the front door’? You get Kim and Ket Stay Alive… Maybe. Each episode, Kim Burns and Ketryn Porter choose a different horror movie, and through very scientific (not scientific), totally indisputable (very disputable) methods, and amidst hilarious tangents about their personal lives, they determine whether they would be the ones to

#StayAlive at the end.

Jim Heralds Campfire

True stories of the supernatural as told by everyday people on this paranormal podcast with your host Jim Harold. Den of Geek said this of the show: Jim Harold’s Campfire is perhaps the best tool we have currently in existence to hear real-life scary stories from other human beings since the actual campfire was invented.

Most Haunted Places with Heather Taddy (Paranormal State – Portals to Hell) and Austin Cook

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Scary Ghost Stories

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Darkness Radio

The Best in Paranormal Talk Radio Dave & Tim take listeners on an entertaining journey into all aspects of the supernatural, from ghosts and aliens, to monsters, mysteries, myths & legends with guest experts, experiencers and eye witnesses. With over 15 years experience they continue to be your guides to the encounters that seem to lie just outside the limits of normal life and just past the boundaries of the darkness on the edge of every town.

Artists Write in Haunted Houses

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Amy Bruni, Kindred Spirits and Ghost Hunters Haunted Road Podcast.

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