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It’s pretty crazy right? Paramore has been playing together for what…20 years?! They barely look old enough to have been alive for 20 years! Music is a lot of hard work. It’s a job, and some even get to call it their career. It has it’s ups and downs, it’s highs and lows. It’s already hard enough to work with people, then you add the creative differences and it can be a nightmare. This is one of the reasons the life expectancy of a band is usually only 5 – 7 years. But Paramore is prevailing! 🙂

After dropping Paramore Tour Dates in 2022 the band dropped another nugget of information that has fans excited. Hayley Williams and Taylor York announced in September that they have graduated from band mates to soul mates….as in they are dating. Holy Bowel Biscuits, it seems the news of HAYLOR gave fans an immediate boost of excitement.

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