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New Single “Thief” Out Now!

out with a new

“Thief” was written in memory of Danniel Boone’s grandfather who died of cancer… It’s a message of hope to all people who go through this disease.

“…We musicians tend to solve problems through music, and it ends up being the way we best express ourselves…”

“…I wrote these words as if they were the words I should have said to him, but never got around to saying…at the time, the words were hard to come out but not now… not now.”

Nominated for best rock song 2018 by IPMA, Boston-USA.

OWAN (Out With A New) is a musical project created and led by Danniel Boone (author, composer, singer and multi-instrumentalist). I know what you’re thinking…and no…not that Daniel Boone. 🙂

OWAN came together as the result of an invitation of Danniel Boone to fellow musicians that had the will of making music.

In 2013 OWAN had the opportunity to work with producer Quico Serrano and decided to work on a single. From this work at the Aguda studio with the collaboration of Inês Vicente (voice coach and lyrics advisor) more songs from the pre-production phase and some new ones were brought to life on the album “And Now You”. – Released April 30, 2014

“Sweet Symphony” is the second album also produced by Quico Serrano. It was released on May 05, 2017, and nominated for best rock song 2018 for IPMA – International Portuguese Music Awards, Boston, USA, with “Get A Grip” track.

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