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In a world where paranormal shows are being cancelled left and right on network TV, paranormal shows are thriving on YouTube. You might be thinking “big deal….they don’t make as much on YouTube as they do on television.” Which is not always true. Production makes the majority of the mullah on those “big” network paranormal shows. The people on camera make a very very small amount per episode and nothing after that. As in, you hear all the fuss about the writers and actors strike…there are no paranormal personalities picketing because they do not receive royalty checks. As far as the “very very small amount,” just to give you a reference, one of my buddies was on one of the most popular paranormal shows for 6 seasons and only received $500 an episode. That being said…if you think the talent on the paranormal shows are raking in the big bucks….you would be wrong. So realistically, someone like Omar Gosh from OmarGoshTV with 4.37 million subscribers on YouTube and is approaching a BILLION views, would definitely be making more money 🙂 But aside from the monetization revenue from YouTube, where you get paid per play, he can also sell his own merch, get paid for speaking engagements, etc. BUT it’s not all about the money, he also has the ability to maintain creative control, make his own schedule, choose his own locations (which are always amazing), and choose who he works with. Omar Gosh has created himself a great life, out of chasing the dead!

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OmarGoshTV – Omar Gosh

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