Olivia Tiedemann

olivia tiedemann
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It’s that time of year when we shift our focus from ghostly boos to yummy foods. If you’re looking for some quick tips and recipes make sure to check out Olivia Tiedemann. Who is Olivia Tiedemann? Ummm, yeah right, if you’re on social media you probably either already know about Olivia or are already following her. 🙂 She’s the Best! Olivia is a private chef influencer who posts quick social media videos while cooking up her masterpieces. And she has cooked up a massive following in the process! Make sure to have a pen and your Granny’s recipe sized index cards handy to take notes on the signature Olivia Tiedemann recipes. The videos are super quick and entertaining and gives me a little hope for the Holidays. Look out family….Thanks to Olivia Tiedemann, I’m busting out the cookware!

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Olivia Tiedemann – oliviatied

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