Oldest Bands Still Touring

Put a small group of musicians in a room and ask them to write a song, there will be more disagreements than a modern day “Escape Game.” It’s incredible that some bands are still touring through the blood, sweat and years. Here’s a list of some of the oldest bands still touring.

  1. The Beach Boys – founded in 1961

The best Selling Beach Boys Album was Pet Sounds in 1966.


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2. The Rolling Stones – founded in 1962

The best Selling Rolling Stones Album was Sticky Fingers in 1971.

3. Aerosmith – founded in 1970

The best Selling Aerosmith Album was Get a Grip in 1993.

4. The Eagles were founded in 1971

The best Selling Eagles Album was Their Greatest Hits in 1976.

5. Kiss was founded in 1973

The best Selling Kiss Album was Creatures of the Night in 1982.


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6. Iron Maiden was founded in 1975

The best Selling Iron Maiden Album was Somewhere in Time in 1986.

7. Def Leppard was founded in 1977

The best Selling Def Leppard Album was Hysteria in 1987.

8. The Cure was founded in 1978

The best Selling Cure Album was Disintegration in 1989.

9. U2 was founded in 1978

The best Selling U2 Album was The Joshua Tree in 1987.

10. Metallica was founded in 1981

The best Selling Metallica Album was Ride the Lightning in 1984.

11. Red Hot Chili Peppers – founded in 1983

The best Selling Red Hot Chili Peppers Album was Californication in 1999.



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Oldest Bands Still Touring

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