New Playlist Placement

To be added to the Playlist all you need to do is add this link to your website.

You must post it on your website, not a social media page.

And it must be a link, not just text. Here is the difference:


We need people to be able to click on the text and be directed to that website page. 🙂

The link DOES NOT have to be on your Home page. Any page on your website is fine, even if it’s on a page that is not on your website menu.

“Why are we doing this?” – We read that if search engine’s see a website link on other people’s websites, the search engine is more likely to recommend the website in relevant searches. So we are testing it out. 🙂

After you add the link to your website, fill out the form below and we will add your song to the playlist. If we do not see the link on your website, we can not add your song.

Don’t have a website? Click Here

New Playlist Placement