New Paranormal Activity

We have been informed that the ending of the new Paranormal Activity Next of Kin Trailer is similar to the “And Then It Goes Dark” Trailer. Luckily I posted the And Then It Goes Dark Trailer almost 2 years before the Paranormal Activity Trailer. So people can’t logically think we copied Blumhouse. 🙂

That being said…I did show “And Then It Goes Dark” to the producers of Paranormal Activity (Blumhouse) 2 years ago. I thought it would have been really interesting since “And Then It Goes Dark” is a true story, and authentic footage. “From the producers of Paranormal Activity… the Real Paranormal Activity.” The VP of development was incredibly nice and very complementary but he said it didn’t make sense for them to take it on because they were producing a Paranormal Activity 7.

I do not think they copied the And Then It Goes Dark trailer. If anything, they saw the trailer when they were considering it, completely forgot about it. Then subconsciously chose that ending years later. Whether that happened or not, I’m more flattered than anything! At least I know I’m doing something right…even if it is just the last 5 seconds of a trailer 🙂

From what I can tell, the new Paranormal Activity does not follow their traditional found footage format. It seems to flash back and forth from past to present. I’m really excited to see how this all ties together! Executive producer Jason Blum has said this new film will breathe new life into the franchise.


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