Nashville Haunted Houses 2023

These are Haunted Houses around Nashville, TN that are open to the public around Halloween. These are Haunted House Attractions and not actual “go bump in the night” haunted houses 🙂

Beast House – The Money Back Haunted House –

Welcome to Beast House – Nashville’s REAL, Money Back Haunted House. Named “hands-down” #1 Scariest, if you can make it through all the phases of Beast House, you will get your Money Back! Beast House, X-Treme Chaos, The Beast Jump and Beast Challenge are ALL OPEN this Fall!

Creepy Hollow Haunted Woods –

If you are looking for some Haunted Fun that doesn’t focus on blood and gore, check out Creepy Hollow Haunted Woods.  We work hard at creating exceptional original scenes that will startle you and make you jump. Nashville Scene Magazine has rated our Haunt as the most customer interactive in the area. With three Attractions, story telling, hayride, bonfire, and queue line entertainment, Creepy Hollow Woods is your one stop Haunt.  We are the first Haunted Attraction that lets you relax around the bonfire and enjoy our delicious concessions and be entertained until it is your turn to go through.  Because we are an indoor/outdoor Haunt, you get the best of both worlds with adrenaline rushes and spine chilling thrills! 

To add More Fun and Fright to Your Night, This Year we have added New Scenes and More Scares to our Haunted Attraction.

Zombie Paintball Hayride –

Its time for the Zombie Hayride Reloaded! We did a mass overhaul to the entire course. It is now a combination of 25% traveling through the woods, 50% shooting zombies, and ends with a 25% musical theater show. These 10 zombies and trampoline performers will be doing a routine to a high energy mix of music you will never forget. This is a full lights and sound production that will leave guest begging for more.

YOU SHOOT LIVE ZOMBIES! That’s right, this is your chance to “open fire” and protect our city. Millers Thrillers has quarantined a horde of infected zombies. They are growing stronger and are planning their evacuation routes to attack of our whole city. Their intent is surviving and creating more of their kind. Our game plan is to go in and get them before they get us!

We now have 3 of the huge 5 ton military army trucks pulling trailers that each hold up to 18 guest. Our specialized fabricated fleet allows you to join the cause and eliminate these creatures that have an insatiable hunger for human flesh. Our specialized weapons have pathogens and parasites that can destroy the diseased zombies before the infection strengthens, spreads, and breaches containment. Humanity is counting on you! Shoot fast, shoot true, and shoot to kill. Do not hesitate or you could become one of them! Ages 8 and older.

Artists Write in Haunted Houses

Slaughter House Nashville –

Slaughterhouse Nashville 2023 Haunted House Season begins Friday September 22nd 2023, operating weekends through Halloween.

Slaughterhouse is Nashville’s longest running Haunted Attraction. Now in it’s 38th season of Haunting Nashville. In 2014 new Owners Stacey and Ben Dixon of Full Moon Inc. moved the legendary haunt to 3445 Lebanon Pike in Hermitage. Finding it’s new home in the old Courtyard Cinema. You will explore the haunt traveling through 5 of the old theaters. The walk through time is about 40 min. You can also see classic movies at the Full Moon Cineplex. and located there as well is Lone Wolf Tattoo. G/A Tickets are $30. Movie and Haunt is $38 and Dinner, Movie and Haunt is $57.

DO NOT COME TO THE ATTRACTION if you have a fever or feeling ill. Been around anyone that has had a fever or the flu. We want everyone to feel safe and to have a great time.

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Hillbilly Hollar –

Experience an all new outdoor fright that is simply to big to house indoors. All of Nashville and surrounding cities will be talking about this for years to come! It is truly a can’t miss season. This haunted woods attraction is not for children under the age of 10 or for the faint of heart.

Nashville Nightmare –

Cursed Dead in the Water – Echoes from the golden age of riverboats float within the waterlogged woodwork of the once glorious vessel. The incensed spirits of dangerous gamblers and high society aristocrats haunt the sunken steamboat. Their unearthly powers summon creatures lurking within the muddied depths of the clouded river. Journey into sinking ruins and discover the horrifying truth behind Legends Of The Deep!

Nuketown – A controversial nuclear testing facility left abandoned in the 1950’s has been the center of strange occurrences. Despite the shellshocked vacant buildings being void of life for decades, locals have witnessed slithering shadows emerge from the structures late at night. Vagrant travelers looking for shelter have found refuge within the hollow shell structures but a biohazard material left behind by the nuclear testing has mutated the beings into ravenous toxic monsters hungry for human flesh.

The Foresaken – The madness from within the prison has spilled out into the yard where the queen of the damned rules over the most infamous and violent prisoners. This doomsday squad have launched an all-out assault on the living at an attempt to escape their eternal captivity. Journey through the chaos as the path winds through open air smoldering ruins and inside the prison’s machine shop, laundry room and other various industrial spaces. Escape from purgatory might be futile but it won’t stop the prisoner’s from having a bloody good time.

Horror High – Last summer the captain of the cheer squad, Roxanne, went missing. Rumor had it that she was kidnapped by her jealous teammate due to her wild success. This fall school is back in session and evil lurks grounds. Roxanne returns for a bloody vengeance along with her summoned demons as she claims the halls of Horror High as her play field. Get ready to cheer for fear and BE AGGRESSIVE! B-E AGGRESSIVE! Let’s just hope you don’t become a deadman!

Enjoy our Halloween Music Playlist while you’re browsing 🙂


Dead Land Haunted Woods –

The Carnevil – Experience the CarnEVIL at DeadLand! You won’t want to miss this festival of terror at DeadLand Scream Park. Remember to check back often as we roll out more updates about this great attraction for this year’s upcoming season. The CarnEVIL promises to bring new and terrifying additions you’re sure to love.

The Portal – Step through The Portal and experience the most feared and loathsome Serial Killers ever known! Many have fallen – will you be able to escape?

The Crypt – The above-ground crypt is scary enough – but the Vampires hunting within will really test your courage! With death close on your heels, you’ll scream, scramble, and even crawl to make it out alive.

Nashville Haunted Houses

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