List of Music Websites and Music Blogs 2023

Submitting your music to blogs is a great way to grow your audience. Here is a list of some Music Websites and Music Blogs to Submit Music to. We have provided website links so you can visit the music blogs website and submit your press release, bio, reviews, and music.

Best Music Blogs


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Indie Pulse Music

Indie Pulse Music is an online magazine that focuses on indie music reviews and interviews.

Aquarium Drunkard

Aquarium Drunkard is an eclectic audio journal focused on daily reviews, interviews, features, podcasts and sessions. Digging globally, AD bridges contemporary sounds with psych, jazz, avant-garde, folk, garage, funk and beyond. For heads, by heads…[read more]

Asian Man Dan

Best Before

Best Before is a collective of Sydney-based creatives who straight-up love music and are looking for a community of people to share it with.

Bolting Bits

Bolting Bits is a Montreal-based online musical magazine co-founded by Numea Daze, born from the desire to promote music in all of its forms, extending the experience by organizing monthly events in various Montreal venues. Exploring many musical genres, the webzine invites local and international artists to share their vision of music and innovation…[read more]

Best Music Blogs

Collapse Board

Brooklyn Vegan

FingerTips Music

For The Rabbits

Gig Goer

Gold Flake Paint

Showcasing writers from across the globe, Gold Flake Paint offers a heartfelt and in-depth look inside our favourite new music, via a combination of reviews, conversations, and unique mixes. Our aim has always been to try and discover those special artists and albums that can change the shape of your day and celebrate the pieces of music that have done so to ours…[read more]

LA on Lock

Large Hearted Boy

The Line of Best Fit

Listed 2 this One

Mix it all Up

Mix It All Up is an independent, Portsmouth (UK) music blog (est. 2016) transcending the mundane by bringing you only the best in upcoming, new music. We are your go-to source for everything that’s a bit different. Mix It All Up prides itself in being the most dedicated blog to the current Portsmouth music scene…[read more]

Monolith Cocktail

Neon Music

Niche Music

No Depression

One Chord

One Chord To Another is a Finnish pop site. Or at least once was, but after 20 years or so it’s difficult to change the subtitle. When I started this on 17th of September, 2001, the main focus was on Finnish pop music, but over the years it has drifted more and more towards country, folk and americana….[read more]

Ones to Watch

Pop Justice

Pop justice is a blog with ideas above its station. Popjustice gives pop precisely the amount of respect it deserves, which differs from song to song, popstar to popstar, week to week. Popjustice, like pop itself, is not as good as it used to be and precisely as good as it ever was depending on who you ask…[read more]

Purple Melon

Record Turnover

RECORD TURNOVER is a digital magazine dedicated to new and obscure sounds and visuals. We are based in Sweden and Australia. RECORD TURNOVER started in 2010 as a club night/podcast/blog and is currently run by Krister Bladh and Jacob Olson…[read more]

Sidekick Music

The Grey Estates

The Postie

The Ransom Note

The Record Stache

The idea of creating The Record Stache all came to be while I sat one fine morning, enjoying a nice bowl of Apple Jacks cereal. As I ate, I thought to myself, “This stuff, matter-of-factly, does not taste like apples.” Like a giant burst of nostalgia, I had a flashback to the Apple Jacks commercials that aired in the 90’s where a group of hip teens were all hanging out on some door step, chowing down their Apple Jacks, and the dad comes out and says something along the lines of, “Why do you guys like that stuff? It doesn’t even taste like apples.”…[read more]

The Walk to Work

If you are anything like us you are always looking to discover exciting music, be it new or old, and that’s where we hope this blog will come in useful. We mainly write about music we’ve listened to on our daily commute into work. That can be Dance, Indie, Hip Hop even the occasional 80’s Hair Metal band hence the selection can be somewhat random. It is, however, always something we love…[read more]

The Word is Bond

Tuned Up

I AM TUNED UP exists to put the spotlight on entities that are embracing this philosophy.  A funky new technology that enhances the listening experience? You’ll find that.  A distinguished artist going with the ebbs and flows of the changing industry? You’ll find coverage of that…[read more]

Turntable Kitchen

Turntable Kitchen is a site connecting food and music, born in a foggy Inner Sunset, San Francisco apartment and now based in Seattle. Run by an inspired couple: Kasey (also known as Ksenya) and Matthew, we feature recipes with a focus on local, fresh ingredients, hand-selected ‘Musical Pairings,’ album reviews and musings on our city livin’ and country hoppin’ adventures. Most importantly, we aim to introduce food lovers to music and vice versa…[read more]


Under the Radar

Upstream Mindie

Various Small Flames

We Rave You

Weirdo Wasteland

Music Websites and Music Blogs

Best indie music blogs.

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