Morgan Kennedy

morgan kennedy
instagram / morganfkennedy

From what I can tell the 22 year old North Carolina based guitarist Morgan Kennedy only started posting on her instagram account in 2021, and with only 35 posts, she has over 119,000 followers! That seems like a lot. But then I checked out her TikTok where she only began posting in 2020… she has 2.3 MILLION followers, Yowza! In other words she has a larger following than a lot of countries have people. This rockstar guitar goddess posts her spin on songs from popular artists like The Weeknd, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez and other chart toppers.

She also posts pics of herself with her super hot North Carolina based model girlfriend.

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Morgan Kennedy – morganfkennedy

morganfkennedy age. How old is morganfkennedy? Where is Morgan Kennedy from?

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