Music Group, Mad3 for M3, started during the Pandemic is spreading like a viru…Wild Fire.

I stumbled upon Mad3 for M3 when someone submitted them to one of our Virmedius Playlists. Within the first few seconds of listening you know these are not a couple of rookies. I went to their Spotify assuming they were signed to Atlantic or some other major label only to find out they started this project during the Quarantine. Apparently the Miami based trio consisting of live and studio musicians decided to hit the studio hard when the Country went into lock down. And they came out with music that songwriters spend years trying to create. It’s no wonder they are already gaining millions of listensbetween YouTube and Spotify.


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Website Bio:

Our moment in history: Spring 2020 — when we didn’t know what we had until it was gone. The COVID-19 pandemic paralyzed the world of its plans and confined citizens to a lifestyle within shut-down societies. With concerts, festivals, and entertainment activities on an indefinite pause, it seemed like dark, desolate times.

Yet some brave, musical souls in Miami sought solace in a studio. They turned the lockdown into a musical escape. Together they collaborated and created music for the world to hear and enjoy. Mixing musical influences, they deliver an intriguing blend of Indie Pop melodies, Country storytelling lyrics, and Classic Rock harmonizing guitar riffs, thus making this EP quarantine’s soundtrack. Despite mass appeal, the songs were composed with you and me in mind. Written by them, yet Mad3 for M3.

Mad3 for M3 – Kiddo, Alexander Blake Coombs, PJ McGinnis

Mad3 for M3

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