Lonely Together

Lonely Together is a pop/r&b duo from Bellingham, Washington creating sounds that can be appreciated by all ages and walks of life. Zach (aka SAFE TRVLS) and Rosie met at Western Washington University and officially formed as a band in early 2018. 

​Lonely Together produces, writes, records, and engineers almost all of their own music and are influenced by many different genres, but tend to favor R&B, Hip-hop, and pop. SAFE TRVLS is the lead vocalist/songwriter, producer & engineer, who likes harder trap & alternative R&B soundscapes. Rosie is the main keyboardist, producer and vocalist, whose influences lean towards electro-pop and alternative/classic rock.

Even in this connected world, we all experience loneliness and rejection, so their goal is to uplift & bring the Lonely Together through music.


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