Life is not a game, it’s a puzzle.

With how quickly our world is evolving, it’s a good idea to always be thinking ahead of the curve. A label once told me that if I really wanted to get ahead of the game, I should learn how to get artists on playlists. So I started researching how to get indie artists on popular spotify playlists. Of course everyone out there has their techniques that you can learn for 3 easy payments. 🙂 Don’t get me wrong, I do not doubt that what some people are selling, works. I was just trying to find a broader….free view of how it ALL works. As in, are they paying for ads, finding contacts and emailing curators, etc. Then I began watching free youtube music marketing videos about how indie artists are getting on curators playlists. I would get distracted by videos of a guy building an entire pool and slide out of dirt in the Amazon, then have to snap back to music business reality. As I was listening to the different tactics artists were using, I began to write down ideas snowballing off of what they were already implementing, and my puzzle was beginning to take shape.

I noticed as a music company / record label, it made less sense to spend time trying to get on other curators playlist, when I could be building playlists of our own.

So I got to work.

As I began building our Spotify Playlists, another puzzle presented itself. We were helping our artists build their instagram following at the time. One day our accounts said we could not log into instagram. It turned out to be a technical issue within instagram, but for some reason it made me wonder. If something ever happened to Spotify…would we have anything else to fall back on? So I began trying to figure out ways to build our YouTube Playlists as well.

So for me, life isn’t a game, it’s a puzzle. Obstacles come my way and I have to figure out the most cost effective way to make the pieces fit. Technology makes this puzzle change quite a bit.

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