Lauren Paley

Fellow Nashville based artist Lauren Paley found her calling in the most unusual of places. The typical starving artist moves to Music City in hopes of being discovered on Broadway. But Lauren didn’t even have to leave her building to get discovered. 🙂 We stumbled upon Lauren while we were looking for creepy sounding songs to put on a playlist. She was singing creepy songs in a stairwell to get that incredible natural reverb and it sounds incredible…and creepy. She posted the videos on YouTube 2 years ago… 2.4 million subscribers later…she continues to put out stairwell hits! Make sure you subscribe and listen to her amazing voice. In some of her creepy stairwell videos she scares her neighbors and you can hear them scream. The only screaming you’d hear if I were singing in a stairwell would be from people telling me to shut the hell up.


Artist Writes and Records in Haunted Houses

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Lauren Paley – The Stairwell Siren

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