Visual, Lyrical, and Musical genius Laufey hooks you from the start with new hit single….”From The Start.” The Icelandic – Chinese artist based in LA has already hit a plethora of musical milestones for such a young artist. Laufey (pronounced lāy-vāy) released her first single in 2020. Most artists release their first single and use it as a learning experience, “Okay the audience didn’t really connect with that song so lets try something a little more upbeat or melodic.” But she didn’t really have that problem, her first single topped the Icelandic radio charts. From there she has not lost any momentum as her first full length album debuted at #1 on Billboard’s Alternative New Artist Album chart, followed by her single “Valentine,” seeing the #1 spot on the Spotify Jazz Chart.

Her album Bewitched will be released just in time for Halloween on September 8th. (2023)

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