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How did Lacey Chabert turn from a ‘Mean Girl’ to the Queen of Christmas?

I completely forgot that the sweet, lovable, hometown heartthrob my wife and I spend our Christmas’s with, courtesy of the Hallmark Channel, was one of the premier ass whiskers in Mean Girls. It just comes to show, being a successful actress is so much more than just reading lines off a page. It’s about being believable as the character….and in the movie Mean Girls, Lacey was – a – Biatch. But not in real life!! 🙂

Lacey is a southern girl born in Mississippi in 1982 and was even named Miss Jr. Mississippi when she was just a little nugget. One of her first acting roles was in All My Children, she must have been one of the children. She was later in Party of Five when she was only 12 years old. So she’s always had her acting chops. Some people are born with greatness…I’m sure as you are reading this article correcting my grammar you can already tell….I was born on the other end of that spectrum. It’s okay though, we all have our gifts…mine are just a little cheaper. But it’s the thought that counts. That’s right ladies and gentleman…I’ve wrapped this little memoir up on an uplifting note, much like a classic Christmas Hallmark movie would. Hark the harrrrold angels sinnnnnnnng, glory toooo the new born kiiiiing.

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Lacey Chabert

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