KSR is an 18 y/o music producer, singer, song writer based in South Africa. Melancholic Vocals with different genres of music such as Emo Rap, EDM, Lo-Fi Hop and more.

KSR’s main inspirations for his music is Ollie and Lithe but Juice WRLD type beats will always be a common vibe surrounding the foundation of KSR’s Music KSR is also a Spotify curator with over 20
different playlists genre based such as KSR Hip Hop Vibes, KSR Lofi Sad vibes, KSR Slap House Vibes and more.

This is just the start to his journey in the music industry. Releasing his first ever album Saudade and many more to come Consistency is key – KSR releases a song monthly! He does his best to spread
awareness around mental health as that is a major issue in the world that is not being spoken of enough.

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