K-Si Yang

facebook / ksitheghost

Florida-based / Michigan native, K-Si Yang can be described as a genre-bender; an artist who effortlessly interweaves sounds of old & new, familiar & alien. His work, demonstrates his duality and ability to switch between classic, crooner R&B, to more aggressive, melodic flows. Possessing a quality of sound that denotes universal appeal and versatility, K-Si’s previous efforts have seen him pen tracks for R&B legends, while moving silently in the shadows as a ghostwriter for unsigned talents as well. After the release of his debut EP “ghxst” and follow ups “let me know..” and “what do i owe?”, K-Si emerges from the smoke to cement his own legacy, with a run of releases planned for the rest of 2022. – Bio provided by YouTube

K-Si Yang / KSi The Ghost

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